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WiSys Launch Grants are intended to support the further development of technologies in WiSys' portfolio.  Projects requesting support should be focused on advancing the technology readiness of the technology/innovation and should be able to be carried out in under six months.  

Prior to submitting a Launch Grant application, applicants are encouraged to first speak with their WiSys Regional Associate to learn more.

Funds can only be used for the IP generating tasks identified in the applicant's proposal and cannot be used for travel, conference or unrelated expenses without prior written approval by WiSys. WiSys will work with the applicant to review the intellectual property (IP) status as additional data is generated for incorporation into existing IP filings and/or new filings as needed. All Project Intellectual Property (Project IP) generated over the course of WiSys Launch Grant funding, shall be disclosed to and assigned to WiSys. “Project Intellectual Property” means all Copyrightable Material, Inventions, trade secrets, data, computer software (including mobile, desktop and online apps), materials, know-how and any other type of intellectual property conceived, reduced to practice, created or made in the performance of the Project. “Copyrightable Material” means any material or other property that is or may be copyrightable or otherwise protectable under Title 17 of the United States Code. “Invention” means any discovery that is or may be patentable or otherwise protectable under Title 35 of the United States Code. Project IP generated shall be disclosed to WiSys under an Invention Disclosure Form.

 A final report must be submitted not later than 6 weeks after the completion date of the project. A WiSys team member will be in touch regarding reporting requirements.  If a final report is not submitted, this may prevent the applicant’s eligibility for other funding programs offered by WiSys and/or their home campus.
The following files will need to be downloaded, completed and uploaded to your application form:
1.   Cover Page
2.  Project Narrative Form
3.  Budget Page

For questions, please contact

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.